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Write when inspiration strikes

Frees you from time-consuming, unnecessary processes that slow your writing, so you and your team can focus on creating.

  • Easy to get started

    🤪Easy to get started

    xLog supports web3 wallets and email connections, allowing you to quickly create a customized blog with features like a custom domain, subscriptions, comments, NFT minting, RSS feeds, and AI enhancements in just 5 minutes - with no application or costs required.

  • Elegant experience

    😆Elegant experience

    xLog offers a dual-pane editor with real-time preview for an excellent writing experience, using standard Markdown syntax with support for HTML, audio/video, and math expressions. The elegantly designed page provides a comfortable reading experience for readers.

  • Fast


    Blockchain doesn't always mean low efficiency. xLog operates at peak performance thanks to its efficient caching mechanism and numerous optimizations. The site also supports PWA for local installation and use.



Own content on the blockchain

You own your content by publishing content on the Crossbell blockchain. xLog won't store any data and can't take away or modify your rights and content, even if xLog wanted to. Learn how Crossbell works.

  • Safe


    All blog data, including configs, posts, subscriptions, comments, etc., are signed and securely stored on the blockchain with your own hands, with control only accessible through the private key held by yourself. No one else, including xLog, can make any changes.

  • Customizable


    You're free to use your own domain, customize your website, and design it in any way you like. This is your website, with no restrictions. xLog encourage and will provide a rich system of themes and plugins to help you customize it.

  • Open


    xLog offers import and export tools, as well as rich APIs and third-party integrations. All code is open source on GitHub, and all data is transparent on the blockchain. xLog has nothing to hide.

🤫 Don't Trust, Verify
It's a good habit not to trust anyone easily on the Internet, including xLog. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you visit any site on xLog, check the transaction history at the bottom of the page, read the blockchain contract code, and verify for yourself what xLog claims.
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Earn tokens and rights

Great content deserves to be rewarded, and a blockchain offers the wonderful opportunity for creators to be rewarded transparently and fairly. An xLog DAO will further promote the growth of our community.

  • 🪙Creator Incentives

    In the early stages, xLog provides incentives in MIRA. We are actively constructing the tokenomics to ensure xLog remain the best place to publish high-quality content.

  • 🏟️DAO

    An xLog DAO will be in place, where creators vote with tokens.


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xLog's open design allows it to integrate with many other open protocols and applications without friction.